Now here we are displaying development and achievement of the Federation in last 2 years i.e. from 1999 till date.

At the on set of Annual General Meeting, first of all we are highly thankful to all members of the Federation, all office bearers, all Govt. Dignitaries and correspondents of leading news paper for extending their best support. Which encouraged us to achieve time bound result oriented efforts in the best interest of the sports industries of Meerut, with following development and achievement.

1) Trade Tax - State Govt. abruptly increase Trade tax on Sports Goods from 2% to 8%, and it was great success and of any time achievement, that within 9-10 days of this order, Federation successfully compelled state Govt. to reverse this trade tax again to 2%.

2) Inclusion of other items in sports for Trade Tax - During this period Federation successfully arranged inclusion of 20 more items in sports Goods Trade Tax list.

3) Honor to Govt. Dignitaries - Federation successfully persuaded specially the Commissioner and Director of Industry Hon'ble Ms. Zohra Chatterjee - I.A.S. U.P. Govt., whose support and initiation could generate confidence in Executives of the Federation to fight against the problems in a time bound result oriented manner. Federation is highly thankful to Ms. Zohra Chatterjee I.A.S. U.P. Govt, Hon'ble Shri T.George Joseph - Principal Secretary Finance U.P for their best support for the remedy to Sports Industry in U.P. at Meerut.

4) Ban on surrogate advertising by Narcotic and Tobacco Companies - Though Federation was fighting since 1996 for this ban but in last two years  sincere efforts and regular endless personal meetings by the personal of the Federation with Sports Ministry of India and other related Dignitaries, could resulted into this long awaited achievement.

5) Inclusion of Sports as compulsory subject from primary school level to college level - Sincere efforts and positive approach by the Federation with Ex. Sports Minister of India Hon'ble Shri. Sukh Dev Singh Ji Dhindsaw and current Sports Minister Hon'ble Km. Uma Bharti Ji forces to initiate inclusion of sports as compulsory subject from primary school to college level Nation wide which was announced by our respected Prime Minister Hon'ble Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji in 11th Sept 2001.

6) Proposal to U.P. Ministry - Project approximately 500Cr. rupees successfully incited and proposed by Federation to U.P. Govt. on the above referred subject and out of which 300Cr. rupees have been allocated to Sports Goods only.

7) Regarding Major Dhyan Chand Nagar Sports Complex / M.D.A. problems - Federation successfully achieve long awaited almost all problems related to MDA, in last two years.

8) Gujrat Relief Fund - Federation is highly thankful to all members for extending open heart support with financially and physically that we can manage to send a truck load relief amenities earth quake affected Gujrat state apart from a draft 3 Lac rupees to Prime Minister Relief Fund for Gujrat calamities through Commissioner Meerut Hon'ble Shri. Deepak Singhal Ji. I.A.S.

9) Ban on child-labor globally - Federation sincerely organized this job and could successfully achieve positive results to remove child labor from sports.

10) New Cleft Search for Cricket industry  - In the best interest to uplift the infrastructure of members of the Federation & so called ban by Kashmir Govt. to exports Kashmir willow to other states. We in serch of our efforts, could find out a wood known as SALIX ALVA IN BHIM TAAL NOW IN UTTRANCHAL STATE, for Cricket Bat Industry. Federation sincerely worked on the Project and managed the samples and its testing through highly qualified exports. Which resulted into a positive approach and Federation have requested Uttranchal Govt. to nurture this plant for 20 Yrs at least so the Govt. has started this project.

11) Ban on non-traditional Sports Goods Manufacturing Multi-National Companies - Federation sincerely fights in last two yrs to ban such companies like MRF, BRITANIA etc. who are not related with sports at all which resulted positively and forced International Cricket Council - London to restrict such companies to surrogate advertising through sports w.e.f. 1st Nov. 2001. We are trying our best efforts to set the result.

12) Growth of Federation - The systematic and sincere working of the Federation in last two years generated such a confidence in members that growth rate of membership have ultimately crossed 100% achievement from the earlier rate and now the membership reached to 300 numbers against the earlier 141 numbers.

13) Subscription of Membership - In last two years, growth of subscription deposit has gone up more than 70% which is remarkable growth. Though Federation fighting to achieve 100% growth in this regard. Federation is highly thankful to the Members of the Federation for open heart support and request all members to ensure their subscription deposit before 30th May every year in future.

14) Meeting and Circulars  - In last two years 13 meetings of the 12 Executive Commission organized, and 17 Circulars circulate during this period to aware the members regarding all development and achievement tried to finish in time.

15) Awards of Honors - First time in the history of Federation in last two years following awards and honors were presented to  -

a) In first AGM last year awards were presented.

b) Function and Honoring awards to Add. Commissioner & Officers of the Trade Tax Department of Meerut.

c) Momento distributed to state and Central Minister and Govt. dignitaries who helped the Federation to uplift the infrastructure of Sports Goods Industry.

16) Highlighting Through Newspapers - First time in the history of the Federation , Federation could highlight the problems developments and achievements through leading Newspapers like HINDUSTAN TIMES, DAINIK JAGRAN, AMAR UJALA etc. and Federation is highly thankful to the correspondents of all these Newspapers for their positive support and hope the same in future.

(17) Minimize expense burden on Federation -In spite of above mentioned successful development and achievements Executive of the Federation minimize the expanse burden on the Federation as detail under-

(a) For all Executive Committee meeting venue and other expanse were totally sponsored, hence no expense put into the Federation account.

(b) Except Traveling Expense for tours to Lucknow & Kanpur all other expenses of boarding and lodging born by the Executive members individually from their own and no such charges debited to federation account.

(c) For Meeting with Central Meeting, Govt. dignitaries, FICCI & other official work, even a single penny debited to Federation A/C & completely ban by Executives of Federation from their own pockets.

(d) More surprisingly but surely the current Federation Directory is totally a sponsored project and no expenses against this head are being debited to the Federation Account.

The current office bearer and Executive Committee of the Federation is sincerely dedicated for further developments, promotion, achievements apart from the above mention efforts which can be testified from Federation inward outward dispatch registers and available file system. We once again convey our heart felt thanks to all related members and wish that the coming new team will sincerely continue the process in the best interest of the Federation. Once again here we thank to Maverick Web Inclination for this display.

Thanks & Regards

Rakesh Mahajan
Gen. Secretary
All India Sports Goods Manufacturer Federation


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