An Overview of Meerut District



MEERUT is an ancient town , but little literature about it is available  . Any information mythical, factual, or in the form of hand down stories even specifically related to your ancestors are welcome.

Nawab Ismail's Grand Building

This is the entrance to the Grand building. Belongs to the family of Nawab Ismail. One of the sons was a signatories of the Indian constitution. There is a huge photograph of all the signatories of the constitution in the main room. It is not a public place.

Grand Building

Perhaps the Grandest old building in Meerut. It is called Mustafa Castle. 'Palace' may not be off the mark. Still occupied by the descendants of the original owners. The Drawing room is retained in its original layout as a tradition. Among many antique items is an old floor standing candle stand , which can hold 7-8 candles . It is still used because of a very unreliable electric supply. It may have been visited by Mountbatten, Nehru, Jinnah.

The Pillar of Ashoka

This Pillar of Ashoka ( C 263-232 B.C) brought by Firoz Shah Tughluq from the neighborhood of Meerut, was
set up by him in his "Hunting Palace" called Kushak-i-Shikar in AD 1365.
The contemporary historians describe the complicated transport of this pillar from its original site to DELHI by the river. It broke into 5 pieces in an explosion during  Farruk Siyar's reign(A.D.1713-1719 ) . And its inscribed portions were later sawed off and sent to the Asiatic Society of Bengal, Calcutta. In 1866 they were received back and all the broken pieces were joined together and the restored pillar was again put up here in 1867. The Pillar now measures 10M in Height.
Inscribed in Brahmi Script and written in the Prakrit Language, this inscription of Ashoka contains his messages and instructions for promoting the Dharma and the welfare and happiness of the people.


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